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American Carbon paper / Carbonic paper

Perfect your drawings, sketches and other creations with this carbon paper

  • Features

✓High degree of consistency
✓High density
✓High coloration efficiency


✓Clothing Industry
✓Art and Design

How to use

In the process of garment making, the use of high-quality carbon paper acts an important place. The Marker means in the production of garments, the pattern (paper) must be first The paper is cut on the cutting bed with a width equal to that of the cut fabric. The concept is that, according to the requirements of the style and the width of the fabric, the pattern of the entire part of the garment is arranged in the most provincial form, and is precisely arranged and drawn on paper. This type of paper contains the entire part of the garment which called the Marker. The role of the truss is to determine the length of the cloth and the position of the cloth, as a basis for the cut cloth, and also for the use of materials.


Model:American Carbon paper / Carbonic paper
Color:Dark Blue
Materials:Carbon paper
Quantity:one roll in double-sided(100y×60″/48″/36″)

Color Disclaimer: Colour swatches shown on this website are for illustration purpose only and may differ from the actual product. Also, due to manufacturing tolerances, there may be variations in shade from one product batch to the next. Customers requiring an exact color match may request a sample or submit a swatch for color matching.