Aron Alpha ® Type 202 Industrial Instant Glue (for industries)

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Aron Alpha ® Type 202Industrial Instant Glue (for industries)

A Real Breakthrough
Strong adhesion achieved
(FRP/EPDM bonding)

Aron Alpha Industrial Krazy Glue’s 200 series instant adhesives are a general purpose formulation for multiple product assembly, maintenance and repair bonding applications. Bonds plastic, metal and rubber. Type: 202, Typical Use: General Purpose, Color: Clear, Gap Fill: 0.006″, Resin Base: Ethyl, Viscosity Cps: 100, Tensile Strength Steel (PSI): 2,840, Temperature Range: -65°F – 180°F, Cure Speed Fixture: 50 Sec, Full Cure: 24 Hrs.


General purpose, ethyl-2 cyanoacrylate instant adhesive
Intermediate gap filling type (100 cps viscosity) with moderate setting time;
Gap fill up to 0.006 inches
Fixture time within 30 seconds on rigid PVC, 25 seconds on Neoprene; 80 seconds on PMMA (Acrylic plastic), 120 seconds on ABS, 100 seconds on Steel, Stainless Steel, Full cure 24 hours
Tensile strength (PSI) on rigid PVC, rigid PVC to Steel: 1,000*, PMMA, ABS: 710*, Steel: 2,840, Stainless Steel: 2,560, Neoprene: 70*. * = substrate or material failure
Meets Military Specification Mil-A-46050C Type II Class 1; RoHS compliant


✓ General purpose formulation for multiple assemblies, maintenance, and repair bonding applications. Bonds plastic, metal, and rubber

Unit size: 20g per bottle, 25 bottles per one inner box,
400 bottles per one carton box
Color: Clear
Gap Fill: 0.006″
Resin Base: Ethyl
Viscosity Cps: 100
Tensile Strength Steel (PSI): 2,840
Temperature Range: -65°F – 180°F
Cure Speed Fixture: 50 Sec
Full Cure: 24 Hrs.