Teraoka No. 7642 Transparent Double-coated adhesive film tape

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Teraoka No. 7642 is a double-sided tape that uses a 25-micron thick polyester film, to which a heat-resistant acrylic adhesive is applied.
In addition to various materials, this tape also achieves strong adhesiveness on polypropylene, polystyrene, and other plastics.



★Strong adhesion to plastic and various material
★Good for heat resistance
★Good for electrical characteristics
★Exhibits high adhesive strength for various materials, including plastic materials such as polypropylene and polystyrene.
★Exhibits excellent adhesive strength on various materials such as plastic.
★Excellent heat resistance and electrical characteristics.

★ Use for bonding or mounting materials, parts, etc. requiring heat resistance and electrical insulation.
★ Use for mounting various materials, such as plastic and acrylic plates.
★ Use for anchoring floor coverings, such as cushion flooring, carpets, etc.
★For fixing parts required heat resistance and electrical insulation
★For fixing plastic ,acrylic board, etc.
★For fixing carpet,PVC flooring, etc.


Overall thickness (㎜) 0.095
Standard color Transparent
Standard length (m) 20m
Peel adhesion (N (gf) /W25㎜) 20.2(2060)
Shear adhesive strength (N/400㎟) 382.5
Elongation (%) 8%

(Standard size: width ×length /QTY in 1ctn)



** The above data are typical examples measured using JIS or TERAOKA’s testing method.