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UNEXPECTED life hacks for adhesive tape

HACK#1 Completely seal the drain point to prevent bacteria from entering
Hack#2  Cup-holder For The Chair

Hack #3 Use tape to maintain your seat position
Hack#4 Decoration
HACK#5 Fold your shirts like a pro in just seconds


Step 1: Cut a cardboard box equal rectangles, with each one, roughly the length of a classic folder T-shirt.
Step 2: Uses 5 pieces of tape to connect the tops and bottoms of each column together.
Step 3: Flatten your T-shirt face down in the center, and then fold one side towards the center,
and repeat for the other side, flip the shirt, and you’re done!
HACK#6 As a Lint Remover
HACK#7 As Markers On Your Suitcase
Step 1: Grab a rolling pin or even a clean paint roller or wrap a piece around your finger and build your own super effective clothing cleanser with our tape
Step 2: Just wrap your tape around and around the rolling base with the sticky side out
Step 3: Keep wrapping until you have a full-bodied sticky roller.
Step 4: And now go to town on your clothes, rolling over all the troublesome spots! It able you to take out all hairs, lint, and everything
Grab the tape and place them on your luggage in whatever unique shape you want.
Hack#8 Open a bottle using Tape
Hack#9 Make use of its waterproof capabilities to
create a container or a tape cup

Step 1: Wrap the Tape Around the Lid
Step 2: Fold the tape
Step 3: Remove the Lid
Step 1: All you need is 6 strips of tape
Step 2: Lay out the six strips in two asterisk patterns, keeping sure to be as even as possible
Step 3: Then, stick the two together, leaving a small sliver of adhesive visible
Step 4: Fold the tape over, connecting the overlapping adhesive, and trim the top
Hack#10 Temporary Patch and Sealant
hack#11 To repair loose carpet
If something can leak water or air, there’s a good chance that a strip of tape can be the only tool you need on hand for temporary or permanent repairs, tents, HVAC ducts, inflatable rafts, and even car tires can benefit from the tape treatment. While it’s not a permanent solution in most cases, tape creates an airtight seal and is water-resistant, meaning it’ll hold up in most conditions, at least long enough for you to get somewhere to properly repair it.

For the best seal, use a crisscross pattern and press firmly to remove any air bubbles.

HACK#12 To prevent a button-up shirt from gaping using
double-coated tape

#13 To fix a bookbinding

HACk#14 Make labels

#15 As a furniture Cast
Write your plant names on tape and stick it on the popsicle stick for your garden.

Use it to clarify which is the flour and which is the sugar in your pantry.

Our tape is easy to write on and sticks on most surfaces; use it to label everything in your home.

To prevent scrapes and gouges made on the wooden flooring by the furniture.

Using tape solution could s a furniture solution! You could paste the tape on the legs of the furniture. With the adhesive side facing up towards the leg, paste them and save your floor from the unnecessary scars.

HACK#16 As Scoop Scraper

Attach the sticky side of a shorter piece of masking tape to the sticky side of a larger piece.

Then place the tape across the top of a container of, say, cocoa so that the ends adhere to the sides of the can.

The next time you scoop, you can easily level off your helping and avoid cocoa-overload.

HACK# 17 As Racket Cushion

Add extra oomph to your backhand by making your racket more comfortable to grip. Simply wrap the handle with electrical tape for additional (colorful) cushioning.

HACK#18 Add grip to slippery shoes

Tape a piece onto each sole of new, slippery shoes for added traction.

HACK#19 As Snack Sealant

Preserve family-size packages of snack foods. The Tak’s tape allows you to seal and reseal a cereal or chip bag without losing its tack.

HACK#20 Fix Shoelaces And Prevent Blisters

Seal the end of a frayed shoelace rather than running out for a replacement.

HACK #21 Double-Sided Tape as Hammer Grip

Keep your tools from sliding out of your hand by wrapping the handle with double-sided tape.


HACK#22 To salvage your outdoor adventure

Here are some ways The Tak tape may be able to step in to help you get a good night’s sleep in the shelter:

Solid footwear is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a quality camping trip. But if treads fail or your feet are in need when out in the elements, there are several ways The Tak tape can step in.
During the World War II soldiers discovered, the adhesive tape is also a great addition to a medical kit. Which is a waterproof material that was strong, easy to slap on, and quick to tear off.

Note: The above following is not a substitute for basic wilderness first aid. Please brush up on your skills with a class before a big trip, and be sure to bring more than just duct tape in your first aid kit.

Did you leave an oh-so-important item at home? No worries! The Tak tape can be molded into all sorts of basic necessities.
There are also many more ways to salvage your outdoor adventure with this wonderful tool.
Hack#23 Use to fix a leak

Hack#24 Craft a tape canoe

Hack#25 Put up a temporary clothesline

Hack#26 Create custom stencils for DIY shirts

Hack#27 Put together a stretcher in an emergency

Hack#28 Use our tape to mark on the window for protection during in typhoon season(s)*

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*From this news paper clipping, it can be proved that The Tak tape(s) is very effective and the first in sales during in typhoon season(s).