Teraoka No.777Non-Woven Fabric Support, Double-coated adhesive tape(Acrylic-based)

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Teraoka No.777 Non-Woven Fabric Support,  Double-coated adhesive tape(Acrylic-based)  provides strong adhesion and heat resistance for various surfaces including plastic, styrofoam, paper, wood, and metal. Certified UL969 (standard for marking and labeling systems), this product can be used on home appliances and computer equipment.



★Strong adhesion to plastic and various material
★Good for heat resistance
★Good for electrical characteristics
★Exhibits high adhesive strength for various materials, including plastic materials such as polypropylene and polystyrene.
★Exhibits excellent adhesive strength on various materials such as plastic.
★Excellent heat resistance and electrical characteristics.
★UL969 File No.MH19815
★ Printed release liner

★ Use for bonding or mounting materials, parts, etc. requiring heat resistance and electrical insulation.
★ Use for mounting various materials, such as plastic and acrylic plates.
★ Use for anchoring floor coverings, such as cushion flooring, carpets, etc.
★For fixing parts required heat resistance and electrical insulation
★For fixing plastic ,acrylic board, etc.
★For fixing carpet,PVC flooring, etc.


Overall thickness (㎜) 0.16
Standard color Transparent
Standard length (m) 20m
Peel adhesion (N (gf) /W25㎜) 24.51(2500)
Shear adhesive strength (N/400㎟) 507.6
Standard met UL969

(Standard size: width ×length /QTY in 1ctn)


** The above data are typical examples measured using JIS or TERAOKA’s testing method.